Matt and Cindy on the Tamarack Bench
Marty Hornick Airing the Skinny Skis
Jan Across the Road
Todd Finds More Powder
Enjoying Lunch in Springtime

Reccomended Gear List for a Self Guided Hut Trip

Externals and sleeping
- Backpack (must have solid ski or snowboard lashing system and adequate volume, around 3,600 cubic inches.
- Ski poles (Any good quality alpine or backcountry skiing pole, use Whippets if steep hard snow is expected.)
- Skis with backcountry bindings (Use shorter/lighter ski models.)
- Ski lash strap (Long enough for multiple uses.)
- Climbing skins
- Ski crampons (Optional)
- Sleeping bag (Should be conservatively rated to -5 F)
- Sleeping pad
- Avalanche beacon with fresh alkaline batteries
- Avalanche probe
- Avalanche shovel

Clothing and worn
Super lightweight waterproof breathable shell pants
Soft Shell pants (Marmot ATV/Patagonia Guide/ etc.)
Ski boots (Fit with room for toes, use before trip to prevent blisters.)
Socks (Liners may be helpful for blister prevention)
Long sleeved sun shirt, nylon or CoolMax, cotton if you must
Bill-cap with ear flaps, or larger brimmed hat for Sun protection.
Soft shell jacket
Insulating layer such as fleece or puff jacket (Down or synthetic puff jacket.)
Hard shell jacket (Waterproof/breathable with hood.)
Wool or Synthetic turtleneck long underwear top.
Mid-weight knit or fleece ski cap
Lightweight gloves (Thin for skiing when warm, or when heavy gloves are drying.)
Ski gloves (High quality, waterproof breathable)
Camp booties (Something to wear so you can get your feet out of your ski boots while cooking etcetera)

In your pack
- Small LED headlamp (W/ spare batteries, use lithium batteries)
- Pen + pencil + compass + notebook
- Goggles (Used for storms or if sunglasses are lost or broken.)
- Sunglasses (Prescription if necessary.)
- Sunscreen (The heaviest SPF you can find)
- Lip balm (Make sure it is a sunblock.)
- Camera (Optional, use a miniature digital camera, share cameras.)
- Food sack (Use lightweight sil-nyl sacks for all stuff sacks.)
- Water bottle
- Personal toiletry items (optional bandanna or small camp towl.)

Personal repair and emergency kit, including first aid.

- Fire starting items (a Bic lighter works at altitude)
- Multipurpose tool or pocket knife (Beware the huge heavy ones)
- NSAID drug of choice (Aspirin etc.)
- Athletic tape
- Duct tape (Bring enough, but not a pound.)
- Mole skin or Second Skin for blisters (optional)