Water is often available in the running creek, and is much more efficient than melting snow. We recommend the following places to look for open water:

The stream under the bridge is the most convenient place to get water. You may have to chop through a thick layer of ice to reach the creek.

When getting water from the creek, please watch your step! Purify all drinking water – hot or cold. Recent medical reports confirm that Giardia is destroyed completely in the time it takes to boil water.

If you are melting snow for water, please be sure to put a little liquid water into the pot so the bottom of the pot does not burn and the snow will melt faster. Ice yields more water than snow, and is a good option when available.


At Mosquito Flats there are permanent Forest Service outhouses across the bridge. One will be open.

Coleman Lanterns

These are a little cantankerous in cold weather and at high elevations, so please handle with care. Follow the directions printed on the side of the units. Be careful not to poke a hole in the mantle with the match when lighting the lantern. Watch your head! Hang lanterns out of the traffic areas to avoid breaking the globe.

Food and Trash

Please carry out your own trash. There are plastic bags provided in the huts. Please dispose of your trash in the dumpster located near the Mosquito Flat area. Hot Ashes are Dangerous! The metal can outside is for ashes only. Please no trash.

Leaving the Hut and Returning to the Lodge

We ask that at the end of your stay in the Hut you take the time to go around and fill out the inventory checklist. This helps us greatly in ensuring the Hut is properly stocked for the next guests. We also appreciate your efforts in shutting off the propane tank, giving the floor a good sweep, wiping down the counters, and making sure things look like you would want them to if you were the next guests coming to stay in the Hut.